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Welcome to Zumba with Keith & Teresa!

WELCOME to Zumba® with Keith & Teresa!


Ditch the workout! Join the party!

Wanna see Zumba in action?? CLICK HERE!!

Welcome to the most fun you will have getting into and staying in shape! No contracts, no commitments! No age requirements! All you need to do is come dressed to sweat! Bring your water and bring a smile - we think you are going to NEED it! Our classes are open to ANYONE who wants to try a fun-filled workout where you don't need any prior experience. Once the class starts, the music doesn't stop! We will follow the music and everyone in the class plays "follow the leader" - but don't let that worry you.... We give you plenty of clues when we are about to change and in just a few songs, you will be moving right along with us.

You will make new friends, too!

Besides getting together regularly for a Zumba Fitness class, we have social outings as well. It's a great way to bring your significant other along and get to know us and the others in the class without them feeling like they have to do a class! We celebrate birthdays, do lunch or dinners out, and even have planned weekend getaways and a winter CRUISE! So no matter what your level of fitness is or what your short term and long term goals are, we think you will have a great time in our class while meeting those goals at whatever speed you are able!



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